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     First off I would like to thank everyone for the support they have given in helping Vapor Boss Inc. become a reality. I love the fact that it is an adventure that I get to work on with my wife and daughter. We are truly a family business and want all our customers to feel like they are part of that family. So with that being said I would like to tell my story of how I started vaping and how passionate I am about helping others get away from cigarettes.

     I had been working in North Dakota on a project that required the majority of my day to be behind the wheel. I had always smoked a lot compared to most but with my schedule there it was ridiculous how much I was smoking. I was leaving before the sun rose and getting back to my cabin late at night. I still remember the day I left on a cold morning and had packed four packs of cigarettes in my day pack. I went about my day and was finishing the last cigarette of a pack as I pulled up to my cabin that evening to finish up the day. Before getting out of the truck I reached over to open a fresh pack to stick in my pocket. There was none in my pack! I had smoked four complete packs within a time period of about fifteen hours. I said to myself at that point “I will never make it to the age of fifty doing this”. I know it is a shame that I could not just quit right then and there but I truly enjoyed smoking. It helped my stay awake on those long drives. It tasted really good and it does not stink as bad as everyone says it does. I had all kinds of excuses but the only truth was that I just did not have the will power to do it.

     Now let me jump ahead a couple months. My wife started talking about these electric cigarettes she had seen advertise and wanted to try them. One morning as we both set on the back porch enjoying a smoke I agreed that if she got some I would give it a try. I mean what could it really hurt to give them a chance. Well she immediately went online and found some and ordered two sets for us. I have to admit I started getting a little excited about quitting cigarettes at this point. Well they arrived and we put them on a charger and got them all ready. My excitement ended very quickly after the charge was complete. Now this was in the very early days of the ecig and we had paid about $180 for each set. They were just not that great of a replacement and only seemed to hit about half of the times you puffed on it. They were also not that much cheaper because of the cost of the prefilled cartridges they needed to operate. All they really accomplished was to make me want a real cigarette.

    Now let me tell you a little something about my wife Destiny, She is extremely hard headed. LOL When she puts her mind too something it will be accomplished, and she was determined that we were going to quit smoking. So she went back on the search for a better product, but she was not really having very much luck until another couple (thanks Joe) we met by chance one weekend pointed us in the right direction. So she got us the new improved ecigs on the way. Now they did not look like cigarettes but that did not matter to me if they worked.

    We both started our ego ecigs the day they came in. I was still a little concerned that I was not going to make it without cigarettes because at that point I had been smoking for 22 years at never less than a pack a day. So to be safe I snuck to the garage the day she had ordered them and stashed a full pack in the top of my tool box. She would have had to pull out the ladder to find them. My thought was it is always better to be safe than sorry. Well to my surprise the first day went very well but the second day I started to miss my old habit. I wanted to sneak down to the garage and get a cigarette but she would not leave my side. I would come up with excuses to go work on a project and she would follow me to lend a hand. It was horrible until that magical seventh day. She needed to go to the grocery store and I was busy doing yard work. I was heading for the garage before she was even out of the drive way. By the time she topped the hill leaving from view of the house I was striking fire to that wonderful camel light wide. This was going to be awesome……..Wrong! I had never thought this would happen, but the cigarette tasted horrible. I took another drag because this could not be. At that point I did not want that cigarette. I preferred my ecig to the real thing. That summer Sunday is the day I became a non-smoker. I have often thought about how many years that day added to my life. How many extra days I will get to spend with my loved ones and friends.

     Now almost five years later the wife decided that she was tired of traveling for work and wanted to do something where she could stay near home because we had agreed to take on the responsibility of raising a nephew. We had entertained the idea of doing a vapor shop for a while because she had been making our personal e-liquid and also supplying quite a bit to friends and co-workers. Everyone bragged on how they liked hers better than any other they had bought. So Vapor Boss Inc. was born. If we were going to start a family business we felt it was important to providing people with a service that we truly believed in and were passionate about. So if you need help making a switch or have a loved one you would like to help, come see or contact us. We would love to help you and look forward to hearing your story about how you quit smoking and how vaping may have saved your life.

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